ESSEC Global BBA Ranking 2016

ESSEC Global BBA Ranking 2016

Monday, January 23, 2017

Kallystée Game

By Janice Liu and Victor Gleyze, ESSEC Global BBA Student Ambassadors

On our first few days back from the holidays, we were introduced to the Kallystée Game. This game is a simulation of the Business World, specifically based on a cosmetic company. The group was split into teams of 4 and we competed against each other’s firms. We had to manage the firm’s financing, marketing, and growth. There were many deciding factors to this game.

Over several rounds, we were able to compare our decisions with the actual decisions made by the company in reality. It was a great opportunity to review and apply our business skills and learn more about strategic planning. At the end of the sessions, we presented our thoughts on the game, including the mistakes, successes, and lessons learned.

This game was very thought-provoking and allowed us to have a hands-on experience. Through the game, we were made aware of the importance of data and how it could influence the decisions of a company. The top 3 winning teams that made the most profit over the 8 rounds of the game were awarded prizes. Though a lot of us were clueless when the game first started, we learned a lot by the end of the game. It was definitely a unique experience!

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