ESSEC Global BBA Ranking 2016

ESSEC Global BBA Ranking 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Poster Presentations

By Caitlin Vasseur, ESSEC Global BBA Student Ambassador

As part of the learning-by-doing approach at ESSEC, we prepared a poster presentation to demonstrate our soft skills in English.  We were given a lot of freedom with our topic but had the guidance of choosing a current political, environmental, social or technological issue and the impact on a given population.  It was without surprise then that the topics covered were indeed very diverse.

Personally, my group presented a poster on the subject of child beauty pageants. This task seemed straightforward at the beginning but the most rewarding part was realizing how much deeper these issues go than what we see and hear from in the media.  By doing our research, we were astonished at some of the psychological effects of pageants on young girls.  This is why I feel like the poster presentation was a great aspect of project-based learning as it tied together several skills worth practicing.

Touring around some of the groups, I was astonished at some of the very unique issues and learned about a myriad of subjects, such as the whaling problem in Japan and student debt in America. The diversity of the presentations made this a really interesting and educational event!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Professional CV Photo Day

by Janice Liu and Victor Gleyze, ESSEC Global BBA student ambassadors

On December 7 and 8, the Career Services Team at ESSEC Asia-Pacific organized a Professional CV Photo Day for ESSEC students to get their professional CV photo taken. It was a free and convenient opportunity for students. Not only was there a professional photographer to help us get the perfect CV photo, hair and makeup services were also provided. After smiling at the camera to try to get the perfect angle, students also got to pick the one photo they liked out of several options. Considering that it is currently the exam period, it was nice for the school to offer such a service without students having to engage a photographer externally.

In addition to having a well-crafted resume, taking a good CV photo is an integral part of the internship application process. This is something which the Career Services team always emphasizes when guiding us in our internship application process.

Thank you to the Career Services Team for organizing this photoshoot!

Monday, December 5, 2016

The First BDE Campaign at ESSEC Asia-Pacific

By Janice Liu and Victor Gleyze

The first Global BBA BDE (Bureau des Élèves, Student Council) campaign in Singapore took place at ESSEC Asia-Pacific over 7 and 8 November. Two teams, KuZKorona and RhuM’antik engaged with students on campus through activities such as a treasure hunt, breakfast, dances and PlayStation tournaments. The idea was simple: gather as many students as possible to vote for them during the election on 21 November! The students on campus were pleased to see lots of energetic Year 2 students eager to get to know them. There were tons of opportunities for students to bond and everyone had a great time. Prizes and coupons were offered throughout the days, which included a trip to Ibiza!

So what exactly is the BDE campaign?
It’s a campaign for students to vote for their student council. The voted team will then become the BDE for the year, and will take charge of holding events and student activities, as well as improving and contributing to the student life on campus.

Here’s a short introduction of the teams:
KuZKorona, aka KZK. Their mascot is Lama and they are the ones you see wearing blue!
RhuM’antik, aka RMK. Their mascot is the Roman Eagles and they are the ones wearing lime green!

These two days were lots of fun and many Year 1 students really enjoyed meeting the Year 2s! There were many entertaining moments such as when the teams performed a dance for us. Everyone was so friendly and nice, and we were constantly being offered free food!

Thank you KuZKorona and RhuM’antik for hosting the events, and congratulations to RhuM’antik for winning the elections which were held on 21 November!